Monday, March 12, 2012

Fast Easy Healthy Breakfast: PB Fruit Toast

Good Morning Everyone!  Looking for some yummy healthy breakfast inspiration? Well, look no further!  This toast is packed with delicious fruit, protein heavy pb, and whole grain yumminess!  Its nutty and sweet and fresh and filling! So let's get started!  Oh and I matched it with some steamy green tea :)

Here's what you'll need:
Toast (wholewheat)
1 Banana
4-5 Strawberries
2 Pbs Peanut Butter

First spread the pb on the warm toast.

Then top with the fruit.

Its that easy!!

Now Eat Up!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Rolls: Just in Time for March

     Hey all, so a few of my friends and I got together last week to make delicious home-made Spring Rolls and they turned out so great!! super super yummy! They are pretty easy but there's a lot of prep, this is definitely something you do for an occasion or if you've got lots of time on your hands. Well, lets get started!

What You'll Need:
2-3 Large Carrots
1-2 Zucchini
Rice Paper Sheets
Rice Noodles
Chicken or Beef
Approximate guesses for sauces:
Soy Sauce 
Chili Sauce
Fish Sauce
Peanut Butter
Hoisin Sauce
Garlic, minced
Ginger, minced

First, julienne your carrots and zucchini, I used a mandoline which made it  a lot easier!

Then cut your chicken as thin as possible and cook in a skillet with minimal oil.

Then cook your shrimp, its done when they turn from grey to pink in the boiling water, and strain!

Then soften your noodles, boil water then remove from heat and put the noodles in for 10 mins

Then make the sauces, I didn't actually do this part, my friend Michael did, so I'm not entirely sure of what went in which sauce, but we had a fish and soy one and a Thai peanut one, there are lots of recipes online so unfortunately I have to refer you there..

fish sauce

peanut sauce

For the lettuce just tear it into small manageable pieces, or keep it in its rounded shape and make lettuce wraps :)

Anyway, once you have everything set up you can start wrapping, this is great for small dinner parties like ours because people can make their own :)

So, to soften the wrapping paper, have a plate of water, and feed the paper through, it wont feel soft at first but as you load it up it will soften.

so the best layering we found was lettuce, then meat of choice, then noodles, then veggies.

Wrap it up like a burrito, and dip in the sauces.

SO GOOD, enjoy!