Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Dead Week! So to reward my hours of studious library time I decided to treat myself to some ahi for dinner.  I've never made ahi so this was a bit of an experiment, and it was delicious! So Enjoy!

What You'll Need:
Ahi Steak
1 Lemon
olive oil

First preheat that oven!! 450 degrees should do it.

Then slice your lemon into poker chip sized rounds.

Then put your foil into a glass baking sheet and place the lemons on the foil.

Next, put your thawed salmon in a bowl and lightly coat with olive oil and seasonings.

Place that sucker on the lemons!

Put pats of butter (the thinner the pat the thinner your waist) and top with more seasoning.

Bundle it all up and bake for 15 mins. 

Remove it from the oven and open the foil a bit, then bake again for 10-15 more minutes.

For medium rare it should still be quite purple.

I like to pour the lemon from the foil over the fish because ahi is a little drier than most fish.



  1. Ok im glad you did fish but please don't ever cook ahi all the way like this again. Seared ahi is the way to go.

  2. Agreed. The great thing about fish is that you don't have to worry about it being under cooked. The raw texture of tuna is softer and tenderer and should be kept that way.